Why are you in business?

This is where you need to be really honest about why you are doing what you're doing. Lets get rid if the bullshit here, "Creative freedom" and "Sticking it to the man".. what does running your own business really give you? Is it financial freedom? is it a sense of well being? or do you just like sitting at home in your pants and stroll in late to work everyday. 


What position is your business in? Lets be honest about it. Is work good, is it shit, are you organised, making money or just getting by? 

How much time are you spending on your business? not how much work you are doing in your business i.e your job. What business do you have and what business do you want? What job in the business do you have and what job in your business do you want? 

Where do I want to be?

This is really your personal plan. Your future and your targets. Without these how do you really know what to aim for? This is where you map out what your goals are, what do you need to do to achieve these goals. This might be a target personal income, working out what lifestyle you want and then breaking it down to what that costs, then close the gap between what you have now and what you want. 

What business am I in?

Everyone can be busy. Busy working in your business, busy adding content to your website, busy having meetings... don't become a busy fool! As the owner of your business make an intellectual and emotional switch from being a doer/worker in your business to being a marketer. 

90 Minutes is all you need

Spend every day getting and keeping customers. Just 90 minutes actively working in this. Not thinking about it but actually doing it. How many customers do you need? how many customers can you support? Work out the most important thing(s) that you need to do in order to become successful. 

Market, Message, Media

MESSAGE: why should they spend with you? Because we are.... compelling, special...

MESSAGE: why should they spend with you? Because we are.... compelling, special...

Basic fundamentals of marketing

It's all your fault!

Work with humility and be humble, Take responsibility for everything, Under promise and over deliver, Be kind and dependable


Marketing Strategies


What do you want to be know for in your market? Who are you selling to and what type of products do they like. 

Best in the world

Who is the best in the world at what you do. What do they do? If Google or Apple did what you do, how would they tackle it? What would they do?


Give yourself deadlines. Dates to get things done by. Milestones to achieve. Add some pressure to your business strategy 


Learn from the best. 

Marketing Pillars


Paid Traffic

Follow Up

Your database


Print & Direct Mail




SEO & Social Media (is it dead?)