Brand Building

Lionsorbet help you build and expand your brand by creating compelling content to market your products and services. This allows you to reach and engage with more customers, make more sales and leave a lasting impression to those that matter most. 

Branding Print & Literature

Literature and marketing material are the corner stone of brand promotion. We are great designers and thinkers and can create campaigns that will enhance your brand and generate sales.

Websites & Apps

We build modern & responsive websites for retailers & manufacturers. We can integrate clever pricing apps, beautiful interface design & interactive features along with automating your internal workflow.


Engage your customers with Video and CGI to promote your company, products and services. Perfect for Web, TV, Trade shows and Retail stores. Give you customers an insight into your culture and brand values.


Product Showcase

Eye catching product images and the most important part of the sales process. Buyers connect emotionally then physically. We have a team of talented artists and CGI experts that can turn your products into beautiful marketing visuals, interactive product displays and engaging animated video that will educate and inspire your audience.  


Product Visualisation 

Beautifully rendered, masterfully recreated, product images created in realistic 3D, illustrated or hand drawn. The right style for the right campaign.  



Wow you customers with animated product displays, stories and video to capture your audience. Our talented team can enhance your products across all media streams. 



Allowing customers to interact with your products is a great sales tool to see multiple or detailed views, change colours or see specific features right on their device or touch screen display.

Interior & Retail Visualisation

We can visualise your interior or exterior project in beautifully rendered stills or animated walkthroughs for design presentations, public display or concept development. This can accelerate the design process to tie down key furniture styles, lighting, interior design and colours and perfect for the retail environment to see the final result before any commitment is made for manufacture and production. 


Jewellery Marketing 

Lionsorbet have an established history working within the Jewellery & Luxury goods market. We have spent over a decade developing a world class jewellery rendering and interactive animation studios that produces beautiful, ultra realistic results of precious metal products and diamond jewellery. 

Jewellery Visualisation

We can create stunning marketing images and videos of your jewellery and precious metal items using techniques developed over a decade.  Our images present a world class photographic standard that make them stand out from the crowd. 

Retail Jewellery & Trade Websites

We create beautifully rich and compelling websites for both retail jewellery and manufacturers. We understand how jewellery is created, priced and sold and we can make it easier for you to sell online and in-store.