Having worked with many big brand names before for character design projects we were naturally pleased when a Northamptonshire based Primary school contacted us and asked us to design their new school mascot. Large companies have such tight guidelines we felt our creative input would be less restricted. What started as a discussion to design a simple school mascot illustrating Redwell Schools values, turned into a whole school collaboration.

Redwell Primary School Values.jpg
Primary School Character Design.jpg

Primary School Values

Redwell Primary School pride themselves on being a values based school. Each value forms the basis of their teaching practise to encourage children to be the best they can be. Head Teacher and National Leader of Education Anne Ansell was keen to promote each of these values in a fun and exciting way. Our job was to come up with a style and direction that we felt the children could connect with.

Design Challenge

To ensure a connection was found from the beginning we got the whole school involved in the design and creation of the characters. We had each school year submit sketch designs which we then used as inspiration for our final designs. We agreed on 8 final character designs with names and different physical features to make each one stand out as an individual. 

We found each school pupil had a favourite character that appealed to them most. 

Character art concepts.jpg
Primary school mascot design.jpg