Serendipity Diamonds - An introduction

Serendipity Diamonds are an established online jewellery retailer. Already having a clear defined brand enhanced by LionSorbet, our film production team were tasked with expanding this to video where customers could get a feel for the quality, customer service and trustworthiness that is offered by Serendipity Diamonds.

Working closely with company owner Mark Johnson, we listened to what he wanted the film to achieve. It was important to get across the personal nature that Serendipity has, so focusing on Mark himself helped portray the human element of his business. Coupled with beautiful peaceful shots of the Isle of Wight (where Serendipity Diamonds are based) allowed us to create the sense of patience and care which reflected Mark's customer service.

Client: Serendipity Diamonds

Agency: LionSorbet

Production Director: Stephen Irvine

Photography: Laurence Chase