Michael Jones Jewellers are known for creating only the highest quality diamond Ring mounts. This design is no exception. A Round brilliant cut central diamond, set within a hexagonal halo style setting surrounded by a cluster of diamond set within the bezel and ring shank. A truly remarkable design and beautifully rendered by our team.

Michael Jones Jewellers

Working with high Street Jeweller Michael Jones Jeweller we were tasked with creating some fabulous high quality visuals of their bespoke product range.

Their in house design process uses a combination of 3D Cad design and traditional Goldsmithing techniques to produce beautiful, high quality jewellery for their esteemed customer base.  

These images are captured from their own 3D designs and re-created to provide a set of high quality marketing visuals to promote their design services. 

Client: Michael Jones Jewellers

3D Production: Mark Rogers

Visual Creation: Stephen Irvine