To introduce the product to C&T's customer base we suggested releasing a teaser video to showcase the product, providing little detail about what it was. As C&T are known in their industry for producing innovative products we new this would cause a stir. This was released with a range of imagery to support the video and shared online and social media for maximum impact. 

Kingpin by C&T matrix

Behind the Scenes

Although the teaser video is quite simple we had the idea of KINGPIN being the new dominant product in the industry. The idea was for it to crash into a crowd of competitor products sending them flying to then take its stance centre stage. The material below shows some of our sketch animatics and storyboards to get across the idea plus some of the physics tests we did in CGI to create the crash and impact.

Initial Storyboard Animatic

Physics Impact Test

KINGPIN by C&T Matrix

Project KINGPIN is a new concept by C&T Matrix and UK company that specialise in paper folding technology. This product has been designed to change the way the current make ready process works by offering a unique delivery system over current product on the market.

We were hired to create a set of marketing visuals for video, social media and exhibition to present to their customer base, acting as a marketing and sales tool for its continued development. 

Client: C&T Matrix 

Creative Direction: Steve irvine

CGI: Paul Chisholm

View kingpin.candtmatrix.com for more