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It's time for giving

We were commissioned to create some sketch illustrations for the team at Serendipity Diamonds as part of an ongoing print campaign.

These simple, emotive illustrations intend to be used as an ongoing project to aid their seasonal marketing throughout 2016/2017.

Our aim is to allow Serendipity Diamonds to stand out as a leading provider of Diamond Jewellery and wedding rings and give something back to their customers.  

Client: Serendipity Diamonds

Illustration: Steve Irvine

Project Background - by Steve Irvine

Although the director of Lionsorbet I regularly moonlight as a sketch artist and illustrator at As a lover of simple character illustration Serendipity diamonds considered this style to form a perfect part of their new marketing drive for 2017. I decided that I would use this to give my 9 year old daughter Lois her first freelance gig and commissioned her to come up with some ideas to form the basis of the final illustrations. As an aspiring artist I thought it would be a great introduction to professional work. She even sent me a hand written invoice!! They were perfect and used all three final designs to create the final character style.