The Body Shop Concept Store - Interior Showcase

We worked closely with Agency QU4NTUM and house hold brand The Body Shop to visualise a new creative approach and store design. The concept, created by Q4's in house team, required a 3D rendered walkthrough of the new Concept store to present to key stakeholders and investors, providing a realistic vision of the design. Working from 2D plans provided by The Body Shop and Q4 our team at Lionsorbet set to build a digital version of the set complete with products and artwork. View the final result below. 

Creating a Store Walkthrough

Creating a store walkthrough from a set of 2D drawings requires a detailed plan of all assets to be included, not just the placement of the furniture. Important things such as fixtures, fittings, paint colours, wall artwork, electronic devices and the most critical thing being the products themselves.

Planning & Mockups

Everything in the scene had to be created in 3D. To enable this we had to plan each shelf layout, what products would be included and how they would be arranged. These planograms could then be used to create a detailed list of products and props that would need to be created. 

Working from sample products, pictures of a physical store mockup created by Q4 and technical drawing we were able to build the entire scene, including products, plants, plinths, artwork stands. 

The products themselves had to have their colours and labels mapped onto the bottle designs to make them look realistic and eye catching. The final scene features thousands of products from their entire collection.  

bodyshop product test renders.jpg
The body shop concept design.jpg

Animatics & Test rendering

As the rendering process can be very time consuming we will normally create a set of preview animations. Rendered in wireframe or in the case here some colour and lighting to give a sense of the final visual we are more concerned with how the camera angles work and their pace, the composition of the products along with what the viewer will actually see. This process is vastly important, like a moving storyboard as we can quickly see what needs improving and what is missing from the scene. 

This sample here has been sped up but should give you an idea of what our clients will see prior to signing the final video off. Below is a sample of the test scene rendering to look at lighting, materials and textures. This stage is critical as the realism of the scene had to be adjusted in order to reduce in order to balance render times against delivery time.