Why do we love jewellery accessories so much?

Accessories and why we love them. What is it about Jewellery and accessories that make us want to buy more?

We are constantly worried about appearances. Men are preoccupied about comfort and efficiency and women tend to spend more time searching for beauty. Beauty and style, may we say. It’s not a secret that technology and nowadays inventions, from all the industries, shape our living mode and bring new tendencies along the way. Regularly. We must adapt and change according to fashion and our century’s rules.

It’s a natural process and it cannot be avoided. Being classy has nothing to do with being old same as being old-fashioned has nothing to do with being primitive. We simply must accommodate ourselves to changes. Men do it. Women do it. But, sometimes, we have to wonder: how come we search so badly for new ways of style-emancipation? Why are we so eager to find new patterns to break the old ones? And, in the end, why do we love so much looking for new ways to accessorize our beauty?

Of course. Everything that surrounds us – represents us. No doubt of that. A car represents us as much as the pet we own, the music we listen to, the food we buy. And, most importantly, clothes represent us too. They’re our social-label which says a lot about our personality. Is, if you wish, a second individuality that speaks without saying any words. But, as time passes, we realize that clothes are not enough. So, we go for accessories. Loads of them. When did we start thinking about this? Or, let us say, how?

“Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day. They can completely change the look of an outfit, and women like the idea of having a wardrobe that’s versatile. For instance, a strong piece of jewellery can make a simple outfit look elegant.”


Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings – you name it – we need them. They are our personal ornament [our body’s decoration] and they complete our look. No matter what type of material are they made of, we love playing with them [actually, the word jewellery comes from the word jewel, an anglicized form from jouel, Old French. In Latin, jocale means plaything].

Since ages, we use jewellery as a market trade [currency], or we confer them a special symbol [they chain us to a certain group/affiliation]. In the past, we used to protect ourselves with jewellery [no evil can touch us if we have upon us magical adornments]. No matter the values we grant them, we’ll keep holding to these precious [if not expensive, emotional-valuable ones] accessories that have the special gift to mix perfectly with our outfit.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”


Colours, shapes and materials [each] play a very important role in what our accessories say about us. Choose whatever represents you. And fits you. Quartz, ruby, sapphire etc. Doesn’t matter. Your bracelet can be made out of simple wood. It will become special once you’ll wear it. Because, regardless of what others might say, sophisticated is about being simple. Since the dawn of time, this is the best advice fashion taught us.