The Joys of Character art and design

SorbetMedia meet Voopa the Goolash A project from the archives but well worth showing we thought. SorbetMedia love character design and the development of toy products both for marketing and production. “The adventures of Voopa the Goolash’ is an Australian animated TV series originally created by Photon Worldwide, production company IlluminArty and Hollywood producer Robert Raymond. We were approached by Photon Worldwide to help the development of the license into a series of toy products, both Vinyl Characters and Plush toys for children around the world. We were also tasked with creating some illustrations and artwork to support the brand and its marketing.




We worked alongside toy design artist and designer Andy Couzens from Toy Design Matters to generate some outstanding character concepts which we generated into some great 3D marketing visuals, toy products and illustrations to help generate interest in the brand license.

Hope to see much more of this in the media very soon.