Jewellery Photography

The demand for high-quality jewellery photography is prevalent among many Jewellery Retailers, and consumers. Although many manufacturers provide (sometimes great) images of their products, their vast customer base means that their product images are saturated over many different websites leaving very little differentiation between rival sites. If images are low quality or have obvious flaws, this can translate across all sites, thus littering the internet with low quality, copied images. Aside from price how can consumers make a choice between one retailer and the next?

Enter the world of Luxury jewellery photography.

LionSorbet provides a great alternative to traditional photography, all our images are reproduced and created in 3D allowing us to have complete control over your products without the need for expensive samples to be produced.

HD jewellery photography

How do's this help retailers and designers? We can take any bespoke, designer or any manufactured range and recreate each product digitally to create stunning, high-quality images for your marketing material. Lionsorbet can also turn them into world class Jewellery Animations.

clean white jewellery photography

What our clients want. We provide images and video for digital displays, exhibitions and website photography. Our images are also 'press ready' and suitable for print advertising and PR campaigns. We even produce large format display graphics for exhibitions, office imagery and in-store display.

hd jewellery photography

How do we do it? Your products are created in 3D by our skilled CAD technicians from a set of simple digital photographs or samples. We have developed a 3D rendering studio over the last few years that not only generate images with ultra realism, but we have a set of high-quality material shaders that capture the true beauty and subtle nuances of precious metals, diamonds and gems. We can guarantee perfect beautiful imagery first time every time.

wedding ring photography

LionSorbet vs Tradition Photography As designers, we value and love great photography, but we understand Jewellery Photography has its own set of problems. Have you ever sent images back that still have dust and scratches on? What about that bit of blue tac or glue holding the product in place still peeking up behind the shank? Blurry, or bad reflections? We’ve all seen it but it's become almost accepted in the jewellery industry.

We know that good photographers will heavily edit their images to create a perfect shot. They are in fact digitally painting out the imperfections. LionSorbet just does not have these issues. No imperfections just perfectly balanced colours across your product range.

We can create seamless product masking making it so easy to change the background colour or image and, of course, great looking diamonds. In reality LionSorbet is a photographer too, we just use better tools!

hd jewellery photography sample

Who we work with? Whether you are a Jewellery Retailer, Manufacturer or Jewellery Designer, we can work with you to realise your products as they were intended. We love Jewellery and want to help you capture the design, details and craftsmanship that are designed into each creation.

You want to get involved? We are open to our customer’s creative ideas. Our custom studios can allow us to sample your imagination and bring your products alive as you intended.


We'd love to work with you.

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Royalty Free Jewellery Images

The first Jewellery only stock resource centre for Jewellery Retailers, Designers, Students and Publishers. We're massively excited at the launch of our on-line Shop this week. We've been working hard recently to collect images, graphics, photographs, video and animations that will soon appear as Royalty Free Jewellery Graphics and education resources. We have a great selection of high-quality Diamonds, Gemstone and Jewellery images to buy and download instantly.

Leading online Jewellery Resource Centre

It's a mouthful we know but here at LionSorbet we are so committed to providing great photography and images to our clients, that we decided to put our talents to good use and set up a central on-line resource that would cater for anyone looking to buy images, specifically for the Jewellery Industry.

There are many sites that offer stock resources or Royalty free images but we've always been frustrated at how little they offer and more importantly just how incomplete their resources are. We hope to bring you first class, original content at affordable prices that you can use for your websites, literature, publications or personal work.

We are still uploading and adding new products, so keep a look out for up and coming image packs. We would love to know any suggestions for images and graphics that might be useful. Fire us over an email to


Our complete set of Wedding Ring Profile Images

Introducing a full set of wedding ring profile images for your website or marketing project. Here at LionSorbet we are saying NO! to bad images. We want to help you! We're always amazed at how many Jewellery retailer websites offer a large range of wedding rings in different sizes, widths and most importantly shapes, but struggle to present them all in a consistent and effective way. Wedding rings come in may different profiles from D Shape, Comfort fit, Flat Profile to bevelled edges. They all look and feel slightly different on the finger and when worn.

Giving your customers a clear view of each shape and the cut through section of each ring whilst making a choice is important in ensuring they have a better understanding of the design but also how it might feel when worn. Having been asked for these many times over by retailers, we decided to sort out a decent set of graphics presenting 7 of the most popular wedding ring shapes and providing a nice image of each one. We have also gone one step further and created a full cut through profile view and an illustrated version presenting the shapes in great detail.

We're quite proud of these and has taken us a while to get them right. We know you'll love them.

To view and purchase them individually or as an entire set view them here: Wedding Ring Images and Profiles.

How to create perfect Diamond Vectors.

Creating a perfect set of, accurate diamond vector images was one of our first exercises we wanted to get right and actually spawned the first idea to get this site on-line in the first place. Having worked in the Jewellery Industry for so long, designing Jewellery websites, creating 3D CAD jewellery models for manufacture and stunning high-resolution 3D Jewellery animations it has been hugely important to have a technically correct set of Diamond images and 3D Cad data. If you are selling or working with diamonds, it's important to know what they look like, how they are cut and how they relate to other diamond styles and shapes. One of my biggest frustrations with Diamond vector images or just images of diamonds, in general, is that it is rather difficult to come up with a complete set. I have personally bought individual images from other stock sites but you either compromise on accuracy, quality or just lack of consistency. It's easy to find a picture of a round brilliant cut diamond image for $2 - $4 but that's just it, all you get is that one measly image. So what could we do better? Well here was our check list:

  • Provide a complete set of the most popular diamond shapes as instantly downloadable files.
  • Provide a technically correct top view and matching side view. Asymmetrical stones would get a third end view too.
  • Provide high-quality Vector files too for those that want to print them or display them on large screens.
  • Offer them as individual diamond images or as one cost-effective complete Diamond Vector Pack.
  • Never compromise on quality!


I leave it to you now. I call all graphic designers, Jewellery retailers, manufacturers and Jewellery educators to use these images in an inspiring and creative way. Send us your artwork or designs we'd love to feature them here. To show you how easy they are to create we've put a simple 3 step visual guide below to help you understand it more!!

Creating diamond vector images

Step 1: Create a simple 3D model of your Diamond. Step 2: Extract the data from the surfaces. Project into its orthographic view Step 3: Assemble the lines work and export as a vector graphic. See simple :) But if you are struggling to keep up here's a few we made earlier. Enjoy Diamond Vector Images.

Stock Images of Diamonds for your retail store

Following the successful creation of our Full Diamond Vector Pack, we went straight to work on building a studio that would create stunning accurate diamond images. Again much like the vector files, in the past when searching for images of Diamonds there is an abundance of 1 or 2 shapes that allow you to integrate into your work but a full set of the 10 most popular shapes is very difficult to come by. We feel an important part of sales and marketing for any Jewellery retail site is customer education. By giving your customers a full, comparative breakdown of the Diamonds you offer, what their intrinsic values are and a visual guide to choosing the right stone, your visitors will feel more confident about your knowledge and understanding of the most precious asset they intend to purchase.

Our Royalty Free Diamond Image Packs are tailored for your business. Each individual pack is delivered with 5 images in each folder. We provide the Top and Side views of each product rendered in beautiful 3D. These images can be provided on White, Blue and Pink backgrounds to suit your website or project design. We also provide transparent Top and Side views which are perfectly cut out of their background and can be placed on any design or page seamlessly. That's 5 images and one low-cost price.

To take a look at our full range of Diamond Images or you can save even more by buying the complete diamond retail pack that features all 10 diamond image packs at an even better price.

We have outlined the images below to give you an idea of what shapes we offer. Each diamond shape is provided in 3 sizes, for the web, small print and large format printing. All purchased images are delivered without watermarks and are unbranded making them very simple and easy to use.

Images of diamonds - Royalty Free


If you like these why not check out our full retail packs of Wedding Ring Images & Diamond Vectors too.

3D Photography for Jewellery retailer Rocks of London

Rocks of London is an established online retailer of high-quality silver jewellery. Featuring a range of Swarovski's stunning 'elements' gemstones and crystals, they present a beautiful and cost-effective product range to the public. We have worked with Rocks of London to bring their jewellery to life using our fantastic 3D jewellery photography techniques to render in great detail and replicate some of the vibrant colours available to their customers. See below for some examples of the images created for their website and print literature. Rocks-of-london-photography-03






To view more please visit their website at

3D Jewellery Photography

LionSorbet offers a unique advantage to traditional photography. Everything we create and everything you see on this website has been created virtually. We use state of the art computer modelling programmes and render images at high quality using our bespoke digital studios. This allows us to capture the true beauty and delicate contrast between precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. Read more here: LionSorbet Jewellery Photography

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Bespoke CAD design - Fancy Yellow, Twist Solitaire

We love creating bespoke, made to order engagement ring designs for our customers. Knowing that the wearer of this fine piece has something unique and interesting to wear for her finest years to come, this Fancy Yellow, Cushion Cut Diamond set within diamond set twist design is no exception. Created as a commission for Diamond Jeweller 'Serendipity Diamonds' using our 3D CAD design process and beautiful realistic render engine to present the ring design prior to being made. Check out some of these images below.



The design features a stunning 1ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Solitaire set within a Yellow Gold 4 Claw setting. The Shank features a unique twist setting with over 20 diamonds set within it's shoulders.

Looking for Bespoke CAD design for Jewellery?

LionSorbet have over 10 years experience creating bespoke Jewellery designs for manufacture and have worked with many companies around the world to visualise and create individual designs, bespoke commissions or entire ranges.

Call us for more information on 01604 779030

Bespoke Jewellery Photography

LionSorbet, create world-class digital 3D jewellery photography for leading Jewellery designers, Manufactures and Jewellery retailers across the globe. Our images are perfect for brochures, catalogues, print literature and advertising. Combined with our Interactive Jewellery Animations, your products will truly capture a customer's imagination on the web, exhibition stand or shop display.


Jewellery images and marketing


Diamond Jewellery Photography


Gemstone Jewellery Photography & Video

The Future of Jewellery Photography

LionSorbet offer's a unique advantage to traditional photography. Everything we create and everything you see on this website has been created virtually in our state of the art computer modelling programmes and rendered at high quality using our bespoke digital studios. This allows us to capture the true beauty and delicate contrast between precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

"We guarantee Perfect, Beautiful imagery, first time, every time!"

Call us for a chat about your products or send us an image sample of your current designs


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Stock Images for INSTANT purchase

In a rush and need images NOW? take a look at some of our popular product images below or browse our entire collection of jewellery images. Each image can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit your project and once purchased a link to download the images will be sent directly to you. No waiting, No Fuss. Just great Jewellery Images and Photography.

Stock Jewellery Photography Store

Jewellery Marketing leaders LionSorbet Ltd decided to embark on a Royalty Free image resource that target only the Jewellery Industry, providing hight quality, professional Jewellery Photography for Jewellery Designers, Retailers and Industry professionals. It was important that customers could not only browse a selection of high-quality jewellery images in different sizes but also allow them to be delivered and downloaded instantly, 24 hours a day around the world. We created a simple, easy to use website design, featuring simple payment processing and a sophisticated digital content delivery system. The LionSorbet Shop now presents a great range of royalty free stock jewellery images, graphics and illustrations including:

  1. Stock Jewellery Creative image packs.
  2. Stock Diamond cuts and shapes.
  3. Stock Diamond Vector packs.
  4. Royalty Free Diamond Ring Images.
  5. Images of Wedding Rings for web.

jewellery photography Lionsorbet recently introduced some FREE goodies for new customers. Go over and check out the image collections for yourself at

CGI Lifestyle - Diamond Grading

We've been spending some time over the last few months working on our CGI lifestyle shots. With a vast experience in creating product shot renders, more involved shots like the one below take a larger amount of time to accomplish, mainly due to the number of scene items that need modelling, texturing and lighting. Lifestyle shots also tend to be fairly bespoke so that style required for the client is generally unique. This plays in our favour though as it gives us much more time and scope to come up with ideas and concept renderings and really work up those final shots. We've been trying some new render styles and software to ramp up the realism and extend our skills a little more with much more to come in this area. Hope you like!

3d images

3d images

3d images Sample scene elements all modelled in hi resolution to maintain quality when rendering.

3d images Basic lighting and texturing. No depth of field added and shot looks a little cold.

3d images Final Lighting and render. Minimal colour balance in Photoshop to add some warmth.

jewellery-lifestyle-photography Playing with light temperature and lighting and varied focal points.

Can you hand me that pendant please?

You'll have to pardon the pun in the title, we couldn't resist!! We worked on this little gem a few months ago with the talented Silversmith Jon Winter. We were asked to create a pendant of a full hand holding a diamond between two fingers. Perfect for us we thought!! We didn't go overboard on the rendering for this as Jon still had to get his hands on it to turn it into a final jewellery piece. Jon sent us the photographs below yesterday and by all accounts thumbs up from a very happy customer. Cast in 18ct Yellow Gold and set with a stunning round brilliant cut diamond.


Amazing Jewellery Videos

Since early 2010 there has been a huge influx of Jewellery Videos, Moving Jewellery or Jewellery Animation for many e-commerce websites, exhibition stands and jewellery retailers in the UK and Europe. The demand for a stunning visual experience from the customers has also seen a huge increase in sales for many companies using the Lionsorbet HD and tru3D product range. As a trusted resource for Jewellery content and marketing, LionSorbet is now working with many new retailers, designers and Industry processionals to enhance their product range both in-store and on-line. Many clients are launching new designer jewellery ranges that need to be presented in an exciting and novel way to capture their audience and drive sales away from competitor products and companies. LionSorbet works with manufactured models and can replicate these to show amazingly detailed results, giving our customers great satisfaction when it comes to showcasing the final result to buyers and bringing customers closer to the Jewellery they are buying.



It all sounds a little complicated at first, but the process is very easy and requires little effort from our clients. Our Jewellery image packs and 3D animations are guaranteed to bring the joy back to marketing your products. Our results can be showcased on many platforms such as websites, in-store displays and mobile communication platforms, such as Apple iphones, apps, Ipad screens or touch screen devices.

This influx of new jewellery design and demand on Jewellery Photography and Jewellery animation is driving us to do more, change the way we work and allow us to develop and generate exciting new products for our customers. LionSorbet looks to offer cutting edge solutions so that consumers buying jewellery feel more confident in making a decision to purchase on-line or through other digital platforms.

Need some help in making a decision to work with the best in jewellery visualisation for your new jewellery product range? Call us for a chat, we would love to hear about your new or existing product range.

Gemstone Photography – 21 Diamonds

Introducing 21 Diamonds for Gemstone Photography. Lionsorbet has had the pleasure working with German Jewellery Retailer '21 Diamonds' (Formerly known as Les Facettes) over these past few months. Our dedicated team have been burning the midnight oil to make sure their stunning jewellery range was showcased using our latest Gemstone Photography techniques.

Meeting their team face to face was a great joy, as it allowed us to understand their business and their needs perfectly before we embarked on rendering their entire jewellery range ready for the new web site launch in October 2011. Using our experience in creating high-quality images of Gemstones, Diamonds and Precious metals we have created a large range of unique products and gemstone styles for their ranges of rings, earrings and pendants.







As you can see from our visuals they have some stunning and unique designs. The Lionsorbet jewellery photo shots are flawless because they are digital replicas of the real thing. We love the fact you can choose any type of Gem stone for each jewellery item and you can view what they will look like via the digital hand, model or bust viewer.





If you would like to view more of our work please visit the 21 Diamonds online today.

Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Diamond set engagement and wedding ring set Created as a bespoke 3D CAD commission for Serendipity Diamonds, this unique wedding ring set, features a two stone split engagement ring set with a round brilliant-cut and heart shaped diamonds. Its matching shaped wedding band has three round brilliant cut diamonds flush set into the top surface forming a graduated trail with the larger round diamond. Created in 3D CAD for manufacture and rendered using our in house digital photography studio.





All our bespoke models are created in-house in the UK using our skill team of Jewellery modellers. Every commission uses our in depth knowledge of Jewellery design and manufacture processes to ensure 100% perfect models. The images presented above are presented to the customer before manufacture to ensure they are happy with the design before it is made. This also enables any minor tweaks or changes to be added without any delays.



Want a bespoke Engagement Ring? We'd love to speak with you.

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Snake Tongue Style Engagement Ring

Bespoke Round Solitaire Engagement Ring with Diamond Set shoulders. Created as a bespoke 3D CAD commission this beautiful 950 Platinum engagement ring features a unique diamond set split shank "Snake Tongue Style" presenting over 47 brilliant cut diamonds. The central diamond sits high on the finger being set by 4 square claws and an 'x' shape bridge sitting directly underneath, providing support to the two sides and giving comfort to the finger when worn.



All our bespoke models are created in-house in the UK using our skill team of Jewellery modellers. Every commission uses our in-depth knowledge of Jewellery design and manufacture processes to ensure 100% perfect models. The images presented above are presented to the customer before manufacture to ensure they are happy with the design before it is made. This also enables any minor tweaks or changes to be added without any delays.



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