HD Jewellery Video and Animation Explained

HD Photography is the term mentioned by many of our clients. HD generally stands for High Definition video output and not to be confused with high-resolution image creation or photography for print. This means the information displayed for Plasmas, LCD or LED screens is of a higher resolution and includes a higher pixel rate. Furthermore, the detail of the final result gives the viewer a sharper, cleaner and more enjoyable visual experience. The internet has a seen a rise in the popularity of HD video provided by on-line streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The demand for better quality video and interactive content is increasing on a global scale. As a company that provides interactive animation and videos for Jewellery retailers, our only real constraints for providing a seamless, high-quality service is internet bandwidth. A large proportion of Internet Service Providers now offer high-speed broadband for on-demand services which is going some way to relaxing our procedures in image compression and video processing. This gives us the opportunity to make high-quality HD videos or animations actually worth viewing.

LionSorbet is great at creating HD content for DVD, and on-screen display, but what are the real implications of viewing and creating this type of content for viewing online? What needs to be considered? and how does this affect your customers experience?

1: HD video is physically larger on screen than standard video content. This increases the size of the entire video, sometimes by a factor of 4. If a customer's broadband speed is lower than normal, an HD video stored on your web server may take too long to download. Will your customer have the patience to wait around?

2: A longer video will have a larger file size than a shorter one. The video length has to be considered to establish what impact this will have on the time to download, view or stream the video. How long does your video actually need to be?

3: HD Video content takes much longer to create, render and publish. This makes it more expensive to produce which can affect your bottom line.

4: Jewellery is viewed in a shop at actual size. The true beauty of diamonds and precious metals combined on such a small scale render them truly precious. Does viewing a jewellery item on a computer screen at almost 10 times the size provide a better view of the ring? or do they see more than they need to?

So if you decide to embark on high-quality video animation for your site, think of the file size, vs typical internet download speeds, vs quality of video. Retaining your customers on your website is key. Delivering content quickly and efficiently at the best possible quality is even more so at the right price.

We welcome your thoughts. Do any retailers consider these to be factors worthy of considering and is True HD video really the future of selling Jewellery on-line.

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Uniquely Yours by Fraser Hart

We were asked to produce an in-store display video featuring an exclusive collection of diamond jewellery for high street retailer Fraser Hart. As one of the UK's leading, network of independent shops selling Diamond Jewellery, Designer Jewellery and High-Quality Watches we were naturally pleased to create something unique and eye catching.

Created entirely in 3D, the video below provides an introduction to their individual range of Jewellery that allows the customer mix and match the shank and setting of the ring to produce a perfect match for their loved one. Called "Uniquely Yours" the range features an impressive 2500 possible combinations.

Please view the video below, but to appreciate it in full make sure you select the HD option and then select fullscreen.