Our complete set of Wedding Ring Profile Images

Introducing a full set of wedding ring profile images for your website or marketing project. Here at LionSorbet we are saying NO! to bad images. We want to help you! We're always amazed at how many Jewellery retailer websites offer a large range of wedding rings in different sizes, widths and most importantly shapes, but struggle to present them all in a consistent and effective way. Wedding rings come in may different profiles from D Shape, Comfort fit, Flat Profile to bevelled edges. They all look and feel slightly different on the finger and when worn.

Giving your customers a clear view of each shape and the cut through section of each ring whilst making a choice is important in ensuring they have a better understanding of the design but also how it might feel when worn. Having been asked for these many times over by retailers, we decided to sort out a decent set of graphics presenting 7 of the most popular wedding ring shapes and providing a nice image of each one. We have also gone one step further and created a full cut through profile view and an illustrated version presenting the shapes in great detail.

We're quite proud of these and has taken us a while to get them right. We know you'll love them.

To view and purchase them individually or as an entire set view them here: Wedding Ring Images and Profiles.