Mobile Website for Designer Jewellery Brand 'MaeVona'

Mobile traffic accounts for nearly 50% of a website's visitors, so it's important to ensure your customers can have an experience that enhances their visit to your page without compromising on content, quality and brand image. MaeVona is no exception. With a large mobile following, it was important for their team to deliver rich content whilst on the move. Created entirely for mobile browsing this simple, clean and effective website presents their entire product catalogue, in a more condensed and intuitive way. Featuring a range of 360-degree mobile animations, advanced retailer auto search using IP tracking and a simple product story finder we are proud to launch this great brand to their mobile audience, customers and fans. Visit (on your phone of course) to see the results in action


MaeVona's mobile site features the same content served from a single admin area. There is no separate content or management of data for each site.

Their new mobile site has been optimised for iPhone iOS, Android and Windows devices with browser detection built in so that the website knows what device it is being displayed on.

Jewellery Website Design

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