Jewellery Photography

The demand for high-quality jewellery photography is prevalent among many Jewellery Retailers, and consumers. Although many manufacturers provide (sometimes great) images of their products, their vast customer base means that their product images are saturated over many different websites leaving very little differentiation between rival sites. If images are low quality or have obvious flaws, this can translate across all sites, thus littering the internet with low quality, copied images. Aside from price how can consumers make a choice between one retailer and the next?

Enter the world of Luxury jewellery photography.

LionSorbet provides a great alternative to traditional photography, all our images are reproduced and created in 3D allowing us to have complete control over your products without the need for expensive samples to be produced.

HD jewellery photography

How do's this help retailers and designers? We can take any bespoke, designer or any manufactured range and recreate each product digitally to create stunning, high-quality images for your marketing material. Lionsorbet can also turn them into world class Jewellery Animations.

clean white jewellery photography

What our clients want. We provide images and video for digital displays, exhibitions and website photography. Our images are also 'press ready' and suitable for print advertising and PR campaigns. We even produce large format display graphics for exhibitions, office imagery and in-store display.

hd jewellery photography

How do we do it? Your products are created in 3D by our skilled CAD technicians from a set of simple digital photographs or samples. We have developed a 3D rendering studio over the last few years that not only generate images with ultra realism, but we have a set of high-quality material shaders that capture the true beauty and subtle nuances of precious metals, diamonds and gems. We can guarantee perfect beautiful imagery first time every time.

wedding ring photography

LionSorbet vs Tradition Photography As designers, we value and love great photography, but we understand Jewellery Photography has its own set of problems. Have you ever sent images back that still have dust and scratches on? What about that bit of blue tac or glue holding the product in place still peeking up behind the shank? Blurry, or bad reflections? We’ve all seen it but it's become almost accepted in the jewellery industry.

We know that good photographers will heavily edit their images to create a perfect shot. They are in fact digitally painting out the imperfections. LionSorbet just does not have these issues. No imperfections just perfectly balanced colours across your product range.

We can create seamless product masking making it so easy to change the background colour or image and, of course, great looking diamonds. In reality LionSorbet is a photographer too, we just use better tools!

hd jewellery photography sample

Who we work with? Whether you are a Jewellery Retailer, Manufacturer or Jewellery Designer, we can work with you to realise your products as they were intended. We love Jewellery and want to help you capture the design, details and craftsmanship that are designed into each creation.

You want to get involved? We are open to our customer’s creative ideas. Our custom studios can allow us to sample your imagination and bring your products alive as you intended.


We'd love to work with you.

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