How to create perfect Diamond Vectors.

Creating a perfect set of, accurate diamond vector images was one of our first exercises we wanted to get right and actually spawned the first idea to get this site on-line in the first place. Having worked in the Jewellery Industry for so long, designing Jewellery websites, creating 3D CAD jewellery models for manufacture and stunning high-resolution 3D Jewellery animations it has been hugely important to have a technically correct set of Diamond images and 3D Cad data. If you are selling or working with diamonds, it's important to know what they look like, how they are cut and how they relate to other diamond styles and shapes. One of my biggest frustrations with Diamond vector images or just images of diamonds, in general, is that it is rather difficult to come up with a complete set. I have personally bought individual images from other stock sites but you either compromise on accuracy, quality or just lack of consistency. It's easy to find a picture of a round brilliant cut diamond image for $2 - $4 but that's just it, all you get is that one measly image. So what could we do better? Well here was our check list:

  • Provide a complete set of the most popular diamond shapes as instantly downloadable files.
  • Provide a technically correct top view and matching side view. Asymmetrical stones would get a third end view too.
  • Provide high-quality Vector files too for those that want to print them or display them on large screens.
  • Offer them as individual diamond images or as one cost-effective complete Diamond Vector Pack.
  • Never compromise on quality!


I leave it to you now. I call all graphic designers, Jewellery retailers, manufacturers and Jewellery educators to use these images in an inspiring and creative way. Send us your artwork or designs we'd love to feature them here. To show you how easy they are to create we've put a simple 3 step visual guide below to help you understand it more!!

Creating diamond vector images

Step 1: Create a simple 3D model of your Diamond. Step 2: Extract the data from the surfaces. Project into its orthographic view Step 3: Assemble the lines work and export as a vector graphic. See simple :) But if you are struggling to keep up here's a few we made earlier. Enjoy Diamond Vector Images.