CGI Lifestyle - Diamond Grading

We've been spending some time over the last few months working on our CGI lifestyle shots. With a vast experience in creating product shot renders, more involved shots like the one below take a larger amount of time to accomplish, mainly due to the number of scene items that need modelling, texturing and lighting. Lifestyle shots also tend to be fairly bespoke so that style required for the client is generally unique. This plays in our favour though as it gives us much more time and scope to come up with ideas and concept renderings and really work up those final shots. We've been trying some new render styles and software to ramp up the realism and extend our skills a little more with much more to come in this area. Hope you like!

3d images

3d images

3d images Sample scene elements all modelled in hi resolution to maintain quality when rendering.

3d images Basic lighting and texturing. No depth of field added and shot looks a little cold.

3d images Final Lighting and render. Minimal colour balance in Photoshop to add some warmth.

jewellery-lifestyle-photography Playing with light temperature and lighting and varied focal points.