Ortak Jewellery

Ortak, is a newly re-established company, offering stylish and modern silver jewellery designs. They decided a new website was needed as they have a spectacular collection of jewellery that is growing every day. With this in mind, they needed a sound, secure content management system that could deliver content to it's users, easy to use for customers, and exciting for clients and members of staff. We decided Shopify was the best solution. Ortak has hundreds of products in around eighty collections, so we designed a site that could hold a huge mega menu. We also decided on some fancy colour patches to enhance different product options throughout the website.



We also built in a blog, catalogue section, related products and a stunning contact page to suit their target market and brand. Ortak has been very pleased with the website designed around Shopify.



Check them out: www.ortak.co.uk

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Worldwide Gaming for Digizani

Digizani wanted a brand new online presence that could deliver 'instant delivery of games, software, keys and credits worldwide'. They wanted design mixed with easy functionailty that outperformed the competition. SorbetMedia gave them a solution and presented the new online Digizani responsive website. Check it out here: www.digizani.com

This website was built on the Shopify platform, so it is very easy to manage the hundreds of different product collections and types available to users. The Shopify platform has a wonderful CMS integration and after a few hours working out how to use it, we promise you will be flying in the world of online product presentation.


Digizani also comes with a blog for news, traffic and SEO integration. The site also offers a number of services which we designed implemented. There is only one thing left you need to do... Visit and enjoy the world of gaming.



CandT Matrix Web Design

CandT Matrix is a local company based in Wellingborough. They came in for a cuppa after seeing some of our unique 3d images for different types of products. They wanted to showcase their product range in the same type of way. So after receiving a bundle of real life products, we took the time to create something like this. Bends-1

And this.

All in a row -2

And then we decided to really put our 3d design skills to good use and present stuff like this.


And yes, this.

Reverse Bend Twist-1

We then went on to develop a responsive website that was easy to use and navigate for their existing and new client base. If you would like to view even more design stuff?

Have a look here: www.candtmatrix.com

Once we completed this project, we then went on to develop a brand new knowledge base website for their client base. Once clients log on, they can discover what products to use and how to become more efficient in the work place. They can also enjoy the different product ranges and discover all the techy stuff to save time and money. candtmatrix.tech

We even put together some demonstration videos. Here is a sample.


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Mobile Website for Designer Jewellery Brand 'MaeVona'

Mobile traffic accounts for nearly 50% of a website's visitors, so it's important to ensure your customers can have an experience that enhances their visit to your page without compromising on content, quality and brand image. MaeVona is no exception. With a large mobile following, it was important for their team to deliver rich content whilst on the move. Created entirely for mobile browsing this simple, clean and effective website presents their entire product catalogue, in a more condensed and intuitive way. Featuring a range of 360-degree mobile animations, advanced retailer auto search using IP tracking and a simple product story finder we are proud to launch this great brand to their mobile audience, customers and fans. Visit www.maevona.com (on your phone of course) to see the results in action


MaeVona's mobile site features the same content served from a single admin area. There is no separate content or management of data for each site.

Their new mobile site has been optimised for iPhone iOS, Android and Windows devices with browser detection built in so that the website knows what device it is being displayed on.

Jewellery Website Design

LionSorbet produces fantastic website's and eCommerce solutions for leading Jewellery retailers, Manufacturers and Luxury Brands around the world. Our bespoke Administration system delivers a fast and responsive set of tools to manage your products, pricing, customers, orders and content with ease.

Don't compromise when it comes to your online business. Call us now on 01604 779030

ITTC - Marketing & Web design

I love being introduced to successful UK companies that surprise you with great work and a passion for high-quality products. ITTC UK designs are a good example of this. Based in Market Harborough they develop and deliver beautifully crafted tabletop products for leading UK Retailers. Boasting customers such as M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams, Waitrose and Sainsbury they also work under licence with Raymond Blanc, Designers Guild and Bluebellgray.

Dipping their toes into exhibition at the Ideal home show, they required some help putting together a set of high-quality literature and a simple, clean website to showcase their brand, products and services to increase their profile and stand out from others in the market.


We created a set of stunning Matt laminated showcards to hand out at their events, showcasing some of the superb products they have created.

The website has been built around Shopify's popular e-commerce platform to extend the life of the website by allowing them to offer products for sale this year.

View online at www.ittciom.com

Designer Jewellery Website launch for MaeVona

Bespoke Design for Jewellery eCommerce Luxury Jewellery Design and Manufacturing company MaeVona has been a trusted client of ours ever since their launch in 2004. We worked on their original Flash website which boasted not only some beautiful Celtic inspired Jewellery but a stunning range of interactive 3D animations, some of the first on the internet. With the launch of MaeVona's new Scottish Towns Collection, the New York-based company wanted a fresh, inspiring website to showcase their entire range of products.

With their desire for cutting edge design we rebuilt the site on our brand new 'Jewellery eCommerce platform' and implemented the first Jewellery site on the internet to feature a complete range of HTML 5 interactive 3D content. With over 50% of traffic now coming from mobile browsers there is no compromise to the design, quality and functionality.

designer web design MaeVona's new home page presenting a fine range of celtic inspired diamond jewellery.

designer web design Featuring a stunning range of bespoke interactive 3D Jewellery animations.

To check out MaeVona's stunning range of Diamond Engagement Rings visit them at www.maevona.com

Going mobile for Neweys Jewellers

New eCommerce store for Jewellery retail Neweys Jewellers is a 42-year-old Diamond Jewellery retailer with deep roots in Birmingham's Jewellery Quater. We have worked with them over the last few months to design and create a brand new eCommerce store to extend their reach online and through social media.

Designed around our new Jewellery eCommerce platform it features a fantastic live diamond feed to purchase loose, certified diamonds, a stunning range of Interactive 3D Jewellery Animations and some stunning Jewellery Photography and imagery created by our in-house team at www.lionsorbet.com

diamond jewellery web design Featuring beautifully rendered Interactive 3D Animations of Diamond rings.

diamond jewellery web design Full live diamond buying feed and guide linked to Rappaport

diamond jewellery web design Simple and intuitive interactive wedding ring display, featuring 3D animations

diamond jewellery web design Modern & Light eCommerce design for Jewellery & Diamond Retail.

To check out Neweys Jewellers beautiful range of Diamond Engagement Rings visit them at www.neweysjewellers.co.uk

JKD Northampton Site Launch

Jeet Kune Do and Kali (Filipino Stick Fighting) has been a keen interest and passion for over 10 years. Studying under the late Guro Roger Barnes and now current world champion Guro Damien Mills, JKD Northampton is a well structured class mixing range of skills and disciplines including Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, June Fan Kickboxing and Kali. jdk-northampton

We were pleased to be asked to create their new club website promoting both the art as well as the club along with some new photography and video. Go check it out at www.jkdnorthampton.co.uk

Damien Mills has been training in JKD-Kali for over 10 years, & had the privilege of training under the late Guro Roger Barnes from 2001 to 2009. Since 2015 Damien has won and defended multiple World, European and British titles.


Having studied other Martial Arts in the past, Damien began training with Guro Roger Barnes in 2001 and was immediately captivated by the JKD-Kali system and has continued training and & developing new techniques since. Read More