Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce

Getting up and running online these days can be fairly straightforward. There is a number of free tools to help you get going. If you plan ahead and take your time. It should all come together quite nicely. If you are thinking about setting up an online shop, here are 11 mistakes to avoid when setting up your e-commerce website.

No market research.

Don’t come to market with something that you think might sell. Do some solid research first. There is a number of things you can do before you spend thousands of pounds on a product and an online shop. Dip your toe in the sea before you take the plunge.

Know your marketplace.

Where do you want to position yourself online? Think about Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or alternative marketplaces that get plenty of traffic. Understand your niche, because if you get this wrong you probably won't make any sales. Would you sell a new gold watch on Ebay? Think about your target market.

Offering the web designer a really low budget to put your business online.

So you spent thousands of pounds on your products, marketing, branding, shop front and now you have a budget of £500 for your new website. It’s just simply not going to happen by a professional company that prides its creative reputation on the work they produce. You will get turned down by many great design agencies. The work involved to create a great website that has a consideration for;

  • Wireframe research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Product visuals
  • SEO
  • Marketing

Comes at a cost. The less budget you have, the less time can be spent working hard to make sure this is all complete.

Weak titles and descriptions.

Put together some unique titles and descriptions for your products. This is really important for customers looking to buy and for your goals with SEO.

Poor product visuals.

Invest, or talk to your supplier about hi-res product photography. A designer can work with images to make them look better. If you are using product imagery make sure they are crisp, sharp and clean. Never use old grainy, low-quality photography shots. If it doesn't look great on the web page, why would you but it?

Not testing the payment gateway correctly.

Always test your payment gateway before launch or put in test mode while live. This can save you hassle in the future. Talk to your payment gateway provider or check their terms and conditions to make sure you have all the necessary conditions in place. Things to look out for include:

  • Payment icons.
  • Company number.
  • Terms and Conditions.
  • Payment guarantee. (If you are selling luxury goods at high cost, make sure you are using the correct gateway).
  • Security checks.
  • Site certificate.

Not responsive.

Can people view your website on tablets, mobile phones or different screen sizes? This is highly important for customer retention and sale conversions. If your website does not work properly on a smartphone or tablet, expect to lose sales. A good web designer and developer will consider all these elements.

No contact information.

Place your telephone number at the top of the header. Have a contact page that has your business address and email address. This gives the customer confidence with your online presence. Make it really easy for anyone to talk to you about a particular product and remember to have some good customer service skills.

Consider Terms, privacy, returns, disclosure and cookies.

Always add these to your site. A good web developer will do these for you. If you need to do it yourself, just search for free terms and conditions. Make sure to read through each page and make the necessary changes. This protects you and the customer.

No consideration for SEO

Make some real time for SEO considerations. Once your site is live, the work is just beginning. There are plenty of top sites that will give you information on SEO and best practices. You can do 80% of SEO yourself. Don’t be tempted to sign into a contract or an agreement with SEO companies. If you want to proceed, make sure they show you what they have been doing each month in detail. If you don’t understand something, how do you know if it’s being done?

No social media links

Sign up to some social networking sites. This is a good idea to post information on, share and point a link back to your website. Claiming your name on the social networking sites takes a few minutes.

Some SEO treats

What's the best way to get my website to the top of search engines?

You have two main areas for consideration. ONSITE SEO and OFFSITE SEO. The best way to get started, is to work with your onsite SEO. This includes relevant keywords, Site title and description, trust, competition and relevant content and a whole world of other considerations. Off-site SEO includes advertising, links pointing back to your site from trusted sources and social networking, to mention a few. This will help with your search engine ranking and positioning when users type in relevant keywords to look for services or products to browse through.

I keep hearing about meta-data?

Meta-data is very important when launching your website. Make sure you get this right. You need to think about who you are targeting and where you are trying to position yourself in the search results. Here is a sample of targeted site titles and descriptions to get you thinking about what you want to achieve. The most important meta data is the site title and the description.


Ideas for targeting local search terms for business.

Bishops Plastic recycling centre | Nottingham Designer Threads | Peterborough Clockworks | Manchester Carpets Direct | London

As you can see from the site title, this strategy will help you only target local people and trade for information being presented in search results.

Ideas to target national or global search terms for business.

365 Diamonds | Diamond Jewellery Green Fingers | Garden Supplies Whistle Ltd | Road Bikes The Smiling Clown | Fancy Dress

These examples will give you a good indication on how to get your site title perfect for search optimisation.

Site Description

Your site description (meta description) should be a maximum of 150 characters as search engines such as Google will only look at this first. Make sure you add the keywords in again. A sample of a site description could be:

Whistle Ltd specialise in carbon fibre / alloy road bikes made for a light and firm ride. 0% finance on all ranges.

This description will target a global audience and work well with the title example above.

Can I learn SEO myself and make the changes on my website?

Yes! of course you can. This is highly recommended and there is a wealth of free information online. The learning curve will take a little while to understand but there is no complexity to it at all.

Some Tips:

1. If you are using a free website design platform like Weebly, please think about making your website user-friendly and easy to navigate around. The main navigation of the site is important. Think about keywords that you want to be found under.

2. If you are using an e-commerce platform, make sure your descriptions and site titles are unique and relevant.

3. A good web designer and developer team will think about SEO in all elements of the pages. They should give you a list of things to check off.

4. Content is king - make sure to have a blog with loads of unique content that is relevant to your website. You could even use an indirect marketing idea that drives traffic to your website.

Does my content have to be relevant?

If someone enters a search on diamond rings on Google for example, links to relevant websites will be shown in the results. A search engine will show high quality and relevant pages to match the user's query. If you are selling diamond rings but your site makes no reference to that key search word, then of course, you won’t be shown in the search results. You can improve your website ranking by using keywords throughout your website.

I need some links pointing back to my website.

The quickest way get some links pointing back to your website is by setting up some social media feeds, like Twitter. Social media sites give you the option to point a link back directly to your website. Once you start posting content via your social media feeds, it allows your followers to engage. They can share, comment and click on links back to your website. This type of networking can increase your sites authority and makes you become trustworthy with your reader base. The long term benefits of this will increase your search ranking results

Do I need a keyword strategy?

There are a few exciting ways to determine what keywords are being searched by users in search engines. Never assume that people may be searching for a product, service or information regarding a particular keyword. Do the research first and then think about a marketing strategy that will target users. A great tool is Google trends https://www.google.com/trends/

Pop in the keyword you want to research - press return on your keyboard. Scroll down to related searches. This will show you if the word is being searched and where abouts in the world. Now click on the little tab button RISING. This will show you relevant search terms you can target that are rising.

Another keyword strategy is to think in the sense of:

  • Business relevance
  • How specific
  • Competition

How is your content going to fit in, or more importantly, how will your keywords outmanoeuvre the competition?

Google AdWords also offer a keyword planner that can be used to target advertising slots. Websites offer space for targeted ads. This can bring in traffic to your site but you will have to pay for it.


I was sent an email by an SEO company guaranteeing me page 1 listing.

This is just simply ridiculous. No page 1 results in search engines are guaranteed. Especially if you take the Organic future proof route. The only way to get on page 1 for a search result over night is to simply pay for it. Google and Bing offer Ad slots known as pay per click on the top of each page and in the sidebar. Page 1 is possible organically but expect to put in a lot of hard work in.

Think of SEO as a long term goal, Once you build a website, think of this as step 1. The whole build it and they will come, just doesn't cut it anymore. If you are looking for good developers and designers that think about SEO while building your website please visit www.lionsorbet.com

Good Luck!

HD Jewellery Video and Animation Explained

HD Photography is the term mentioned by many of our clients. HD generally stands for High Definition video output and not to be confused with high-resolution image creation or photography for print. This means the information displayed for Plasmas, LCD or LED screens is of a higher resolution and includes a higher pixel rate. Furthermore, the detail of the final result gives the viewer a sharper, cleaner and more enjoyable visual experience. The internet has a seen a rise in the popularity of HD video provided by on-line streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The demand for better quality video and interactive content is increasing on a global scale. As a company that provides interactive animation and videos for Jewellery retailers, our only real constraints for providing a seamless, high-quality service is internet bandwidth. A large proportion of Internet Service Providers now offer high-speed broadband for on-demand services which is going some way to relaxing our procedures in image compression and video processing. This gives us the opportunity to make high-quality HD videos or animations actually worth viewing.

LionSorbet is great at creating HD content for DVD, and on-screen display, but what are the real implications of viewing and creating this type of content for viewing online? What needs to be considered? and how does this affect your customers experience?

1: HD video is physically larger on screen than standard video content. This increases the size of the entire video, sometimes by a factor of 4. If a customer's broadband speed is lower than normal, an HD video stored on your web server may take too long to download. Will your customer have the patience to wait around?

2: A longer video will have a larger file size than a shorter one. The video length has to be considered to establish what impact this will have on the time to download, view or stream the video. How long does your video actually need to be?

3: HD Video content takes much longer to create, render and publish. This makes it more expensive to produce which can affect your bottom line.

4: Jewellery is viewed in a shop at actual size. The true beauty of diamonds and precious metals combined on such a small scale render them truly precious. Does viewing a jewellery item on a computer screen at almost 10 times the size provide a better view of the ring? or do they see more than they need to?

So if you decide to embark on high-quality video animation for your site, think of the file size, vs typical internet download speeds, vs quality of video. Retaining your customers on your website is key. Delivering content quickly and efficiently at the best possible quality is even more so at the right price.

We welcome your thoughts. Do any retailers consider these to be factors worthy of considering and is True HD video really the future of selling Jewellery on-line.

If you want to discuss this in more detail please call us at any time on UK: 01604 779030 International: 0044 1604 779030

Royalty Free Jewellery Images

The first Jewellery only stock resource centre for Jewellery Retailers, Designers, Students and Publishers. We're massively excited at the launch of our on-line Shop this week. We've been working hard recently to collect images, graphics, photographs, video and animations that will soon appear as Royalty Free Jewellery Graphics and education resources. We have a great selection of high-quality Diamonds, Gemstone and Jewellery images to buy and download instantly.

Leading online Jewellery Resource Centre

It's a mouthful we know but here at LionSorbet we are so committed to providing great photography and images to our clients, that we decided to put our talents to good use and set up a central on-line resource that would cater for anyone looking to buy images, specifically for the Jewellery Industry.

There are many sites that offer stock resources or Royalty free images but we've always been frustrated at how little they offer and more importantly just how incomplete their resources are. We hope to bring you first class, original content at affordable prices that you can use for your websites, literature, publications or personal work.

We are still uploading and adding new products, so keep a look out for up and coming image packs. We would love to know any suggestions for images and graphics that might be useful. Fire us over an email to info@lionsorbet.com


Why do we love jewellery accessories so much?

Accessories and why we love them. What is it about Jewellery and accessories that make us want to buy more?

We are constantly worried about appearances. Men are preoccupied about comfort and efficiency and women tend to spend more time searching for beauty. Beauty and style, may we say. It’s not a secret that technology and nowadays inventions, from all the industries, shape our living mode and bring new tendencies along the way. Regularly. We must adapt and change according to fashion and our century’s rules.

It’s a natural process and it cannot be avoided. Being classy has nothing to do with being old same as being old-fashioned has nothing to do with being primitive. We simply must accommodate ourselves to changes. Men do it. Women do it. But, sometimes, we have to wonder: how come we search so badly for new ways of style-emancipation? Why are we so eager to find new patterns to break the old ones? And, in the end, why do we love so much looking for new ways to accessorize our beauty?

Of course. Everything that surrounds us – represents us. No doubt of that. A car represents us as much as the pet we own, the music we listen to, the food we buy. And, most importantly, clothes represent us too. They’re our social-label which says a lot about our personality. Is, if you wish, a second individuality that speaks without saying any words. But, as time passes, we realize that clothes are not enough. So, we go for accessories. Loads of them. When did we start thinking about this? Or, let us say, how?

“Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day. They can completely change the look of an outfit, and women like the idea of having a wardrobe that’s versatile. For instance, a strong piece of jewellery can make a simple outfit look elegant.”


Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings – you name it – we need them. They are our personal ornament [our body’s decoration] and they complete our look. No matter what type of material are they made of, we love playing with them [actually, the word jewellery comes from the word jewel, an anglicized form from jouel, Old French. In Latin, jocale means plaything].

Since ages, we use jewellery as a market trade [currency], or we confer them a special symbol [they chain us to a certain group/affiliation]. In the past, we used to protect ourselves with jewellery [no evil can touch us if we have upon us magical adornments]. No matter the values we grant them, we’ll keep holding to these precious [if not expensive, emotional-valuable ones] accessories that have the special gift to mix perfectly with our outfit.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”


Colours, shapes and materials [each] play a very important role in what our accessories say about us. Choose whatever represents you. And fits you. Quartz, ruby, sapphire etc. Doesn’t matter. Your bracelet can be made out of simple wood. It will become special once you’ll wear it. Because, regardless of what others might say, sophisticated is about being simple. Since the dawn of time, this is the best advice fashion taught us.

Luxury images and Interactive animations of your popular products

Are you a Jewellery retailer that buys products from UK Jewellery Manufacturers? We currently have a large range of product image packs, animations and videos available for account holders to purchase. We are looking at ways to make them more accessible here on the shop but for now call us on 01604 779030 or email us at info@lionsorbet.com for more information and pricing.

Print Ready Image Packs

We have a large range of print-ready image packs in a range of sizes and budgets. From small 500px web ready packs to 2000px Print ready layered photoshop files. Each image can just be dropped into your artwork or uploaded to your website with ease. All packs are provided in the 3 views below in both Yellow and White Gold versions (6 Images in total). Rose Gold can be provided upon request.

Domino_image_packs jewellery_image_packs

360º Interactive Jewellery Animation

We provide a large range of stunning interactive rotating animations for all products in our catalogue. They are of the highest quality and you'll be pushed to find a more realistic product on the internet. Created in either interactive Flash or the NEW HTML 5 standard for use on mobile platforms, we know how to make your products look amazing to your customers.

rotating_jewellery_aniamtion call_us

OUTSIDE UK? Call 0044 1604 779030 or Email info@lionsorbet.com

Stock Images for INSTANT purchase

In a rush and need images NOW? take a look at some of our popular product images below or browse our entire collection of jewellery images. Each image can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit your project and once purchased a link to download the images will be sent directly to you. No waiting, No Fuss. Just great Jewellery Images and Photography.

Bespoke Jewellery Photography

LionSorbet, create world-class digital 3D jewellery photography for leading Jewellery designers, Manufactures and Jewellery retailers across the globe. Our images are perfect for brochures, catalogues, print literature and advertising. Combined with our Interactive Jewellery Animations, your products will truly capture a customer's imagination on the web, exhibition stand or shop display.


Jewellery images and marketing


Diamond Jewellery Photography


Gemstone Jewellery Photography & Video

The Future of Jewellery Photography

LionSorbet offer's a unique advantage to traditional photography. Everything we create and everything you see on this website has been created virtually in our state of the art computer modelling programmes and rendered at high quality using our bespoke digital studios. This allows us to capture the true beauty and delicate contrast between precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

"We guarantee Perfect, Beautiful imagery, first time, every time!"

Call us for a chat about your products or send us an image sample of your current designs


OUTSIDE UK? Call 0044 1604 779030 or Email info@lionsorbet.com

Stock Images for INSTANT purchase

In a rush and need images NOW? take a look at some of our popular product images below or browse our entire collection of jewellery images. Each image can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit your project and once purchased a link to download the images will be sent directly to you. No waiting, No Fuss. Just great Jewellery Images and Photography.

Organic SEO Tips and Tricks.

A simple guide to SEO

Being an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very difficult claim, as the only people who know the complexity of search results are the programmers and code writers who actually work for companies such as Google.

SEO is a practice that some web developers and SEO consultants use to get a particular website or an article to the top of a search engine's natural listings using a set of relevant search terms.

SEO claims and promises

Be wary of claims by web developers and consultants that guarantee high search engine rankings in a short time. A good developer should be able to optimise your business or company website so it can achieve the highest possible ranking depending on the competition within any given area. Continued work both on page (within your website) and off page (using external marketing) is key towards creating a positive impact on your websites position.

"if many competing companies are fighting for a top spot on search engine natural listings and they all follow the correct criteria to achieve a good front page ranking who determines the final position?"

If you're having trouble finding yourself on a search engine's natural listings or your position is past page 2 or 3 then you can introduce some simple SEO tricks to increase your ranking and improve your natural position with the search engine results.

We've created a simple guide below to get you started in SEO. This will help you to optimise your site and help you achieve better natural listings and positioning in search engine results.

Key Words.

Potential customers or clients tend to ask search engines a question, or typically type in a few keywords, depending on what they are seeking out. If you are writing content for your website or article think about what people will type into a search box relating to your products or service. Write good clear and precise content for your website. This will help you tremendously and will help clients or customers find you.

The Title.

Each web page has a title attached to the HTML code. Search engines seek out this title as its deemed very important. If say for example you have a company that sells

Web design services in Northampton.

Then you might want to think about having a title that reads just that. (Web design | Northampton) What you're actually doing here is optimising your page so search engines find your company. Sometimes it's best to think about how people will try and search you out on a particular search engine.

Heading Tags.

When you are writing content for a website you might want to think about sub headings. To web developer these are called H1 and H2 tags. H1 and H2 are the most important of all heading tags when it comes to SEO. Let's go back to the web design company again. Try and use the H1 tag as your main title tag. So it could be wise to mention in your first H1 that you are a web design business called? And you are based in Northampton. You can then use the H2 tag to determine other information such as what you specialise in, this could be, graphics, animation, 3D, SEO, hand-coded websites.

What you're actually doing here is listing possible keywords a potential customer may type into a search engine to retrieve your company for new business. It might be wise to use these tags in relation to your company business profile throughout each page within the construction of your website.

Page name.

Many web developers name the pages by the purpose of what they are supposed to do for example: home.html or services.php

Search engines list page names highly within the matrix of SEO. The page name will appear in the address bar within a browser so search engines pick this up and it can hold great significance.

A good web developer can name pages like this: web_design_northampton_about.html This will optimise each page and increase search listing on a particular website.

Name of site.

It might be worth thinking over the name of your company before you launch it on the internet. You will be more likely to be listed higher if you name the company like this: (www.WebDesignNorthampton.com)

Once again because the name of your company is the actual keywords that will be searched, the positioning of the search ranking will be increased,

Content is king.

While writing your paragraphed content, you might want to throw in a few keywords again, like the name of your company and location. List your most popular services or products and try and make the content sound fairly interesting. Don't try and add too many keywords, otherwise not only will your copy sound slightly strange it can actually be penalised by search engines for a term called Keyword stuffing.

Meta tags and descriptions - Keywords.

A lot of what a customer or client sees once the site is complete is a totally different version to what a developer sees. Next time you click on a site, right click on the screen with your mouse button. You will now see a panel with (view source code). What you will see here is code wrapped in text. This is what a developer has to work with.

A web developer or SEO consultant will add Meta tags towards the top of the site content. This will include a company description, keywords and author. Always check these once your site is complete. Your web developer should add these in automatically.

Adding links to other sites.

Once your site is live and your happy with the way it looks and feels, its now the time to drive traffic to it. These can be links that you can place on other sites that are relevant to your content. You can create networking sites with Facebook and Twitter or other social networking sites that you can add and build profiles. Potential customers may find your website by clicking on a relevant link you have created.

Be very careful with adding or posting links. If you tend to do this too often and without permission from other websites, forums, networking sites or relevant articles, your links may be deleted. This is known as spamming.

The more relevant links you have pointing towards your website. The higher your ranking becomes in search engine listings.

Its all about the Blog.

Blogs have become a very powerful tool within the dynamics of web development. Here at SorbetMedia we always recommend a blog feature depending on the type of company project we are working on. The benefits are massive so let us explain.

Let's say for example you own a web design consultancy and already have a website with a Blog, News or latest Events feature. All you need to do now is start writing relevant information using all the criteria you have just read above. You can write about anything relevant to your company that you think customers or new clients would type in when using search engines. As you can see from this blog, SorbetMedia is writing a relevant web article about SEO (search engine optimisation). We are targeting potential business in Northampton that may need help with SEO or potentially a new Website. If a particular reader clicks on our company website they can also review all the other services we have to offer. This is the power of a Blog. Search engines will list blogs and news articles relating to all the information we have suggested above.

Search engine submission.

Once your site has gone live it might be a good idea to actually submit your site to each search engine. Let's say you want to appear in the Google listings. Type into the Google search box (website submissions) and follow the correct process to submit your site. Your website will automatically be crawled by each search engine but it might be wise to submit it anyway.


When we mention time, what we really mean is patience. If you follow the key benefits of SEO and can drive plenty of traffic to your website, this will definitely help with your position in search engines. The longer your company stays live on the internet, the more presence you generate for your website ranking. More Traffic = Better Position.

Don't take our word for it.

SorbetMedia have never claimed to be SEO experts, but we have designed and built enough websites to understand the principles and techniques of good Organic SEO practice. If you don't believe us or want to read more check out what Google have to say about it. Otherwise call us if you have any further questions.

Stock Jewellery Photography Store

Jewellery Marketing leaders LionSorbet Ltd decided to embark on a Royalty Free image resource that target only the Jewellery Industry, providing hight quality, professional Jewellery Photography for Jewellery Designers, Retailers and Industry professionals. It was important that customers could not only browse a selection of high-quality jewellery images in different sizes but also allow them to be delivered and downloaded instantly, 24 hours a day around the world. We created a simple, easy to use website design, featuring simple payment processing and a sophisticated digital content delivery system. The LionSorbet Shop now presents a great range of royalty free stock jewellery images, graphics and illustrations including:

  1. Stock Jewellery Creative image packs.
  2. Stock Diamond cuts and shapes.
  3. Stock Diamond Vector packs.
  4. Royalty Free Diamond Ring Images.
  5. Images of Wedding Rings for web.

jewellery photography Lionsorbet recently introduced some FREE goodies for new customers. Go over and check out the image collections for yourself at www.lionsorbet.com

Hashtags for Facebook #abouttime

Enhance your SEO with Facebook HashtagsFacebook recently announced the support for Hashtags, a feature that's been around since the birth of popular social networks such as twitter and Instagram. Hashtags allow you to tag a particular post with a word or words related to your post, like our post image featured above we have tagged the post with the word #jewellery This word then becomes an active link within the post itself when published and when clicked on all public posts in Facebook tagged with that keyword will appear.

"This feature, although quite late in the game, should allow better user participation and clearer searching for individuals"

Facebook have said this new feature will help with better searching and discovery of interesting news feeds, posts and pages, with like minded results or popular stories being easily found. I've always found Facebook's search to be a bit cumbersome as it's very much geared towards pages than individual posts. I feel this feature, although quite late in the game, should allow better user participation and clearer searching for individuals. Facebook have outlined their usage as follows:

Create a post directly from the hashtag search results

1. Search for hashtags from your search bar. For example, #lovejewellery 2. Click on hashtags that that have been tagged in other social platforms such as Pinterest & Twitter

How important is Facebook Hashtags for business?

I think this is a big step forward for facebook and should allow business' and communities to reach more people with this searching capability. As long as a persons page or post is public it should be easily grouped and found amongst the hashtags feed. the way we see it this creates more exposure and a better reach which in turn should give us more likes, more activity and higher traffic overall.

How can I hashtag my posts?

It is as simple as prefixing any word with the hash symbol # This is easily found on the keyboard next to the enter key but on some apple keyboards it is not present. Just hold down the key and press 35 on your numeric keypad. The # should appear. Simple!

Get hashtagging people and let us know your thoughts.

Jewellery Photography in GQ Magazine

This months leading men's health magazine 'GQ' features one of LionSorbet's stunning Tru Image™ Jewellery photography images. Used by online retailer Serendipity Diamonds as part of their marketing campaign this print shows the quality and versatility of our images for use in print advertising and marketing brochures.



If you want to use some of our images in print please contact us today on info@lionsorbet.com or call us directly on 01604 779030