CandT Matrix Web Design

CandT Matrix is a local company based in Wellingborough. They came in for a cuppa after seeing some of our unique 3d images for different types of products. They wanted to showcase their product range in the same type of way. So after receiving a bundle of real life products, we took the time to create something like this. Bends-1

And this.

All in a row -2

And then we decided to really put our 3d design skills to good use and present stuff like this.


And yes, this.

Reverse Bend Twist-1

We then went on to develop a responsive website that was easy to use and navigate for their existing and new client base. If you would like to view even more design stuff?

Have a look here:

Once we completed this project, we then went on to develop a brand new knowledge base website for their client base. Once clients log on, they can discover what products to use and how to become more efficient in the work place. They can also enjoy the different product ranges and discover all the techy stuff to save time and money.

We even put together some demonstration videos. Here is a sample.

Do you need something like this? Visit our SorbetMedia site for more information.