BARDEN - Snowball Character project

Say hello to Barden. He's a cute little snowball character we created on behalf of Studio Lamahat for their clients marketing event in Oman called "Winter Village". 

We created the final renderings from a set of in-house illustrations that defined the style and appeal allowing us to match the proportions and features more easily. We even created a soft toy. See more below!! 

Client: Studio Lamahat

Illustration: Steve Irvine

CGI: Mark Rogers

Character Concept Illustrations

Every character design starts off on the sketch board. We went through a few rounds of designs to arrive at our little snowball character. Shape of eyes, face and the mouth are all key elements when looking for something cute and eye catching. Subtle changes can make a huge difference to wether it works or not. We've added some of the preliminary design and sketch work to give you an idea of how he developed.


Character design can be a great addition to any marketing campaign. They can add a memorable, engaging twist to any new product, service or brand launch. If you feel one could work for you or you have some ideas that might work for your company contact us on the details below and we'll help you visualise your design. 

We made a plushie

Not sure why we got excited about this but it's a first for us. Our client loved the character so much they wanted a plush teddy bear version to keep as a souvenir. We sourced some very talented people that know how to sew and knit and they come up with this little guy.