3D Jewellery Rendering

Lionsorbet create beautiful 3D renderings of Diamond Jewellery and precious metal products using a range of in-house techniques mastered over a decade. Our images present a world class photographic standard and make your products stand out among your competitors. We can work from your manufactured CAD models or create them for you.  

Studio Image Packs

The staple for all literature and websites and often overlooked. Without a solid set of catalogue style product shots how can you sell the design and style of each product to your customers without detailed views and colour variation?

Perspective View

A classic view for all diamond rings as it shows the full ring shank, diamond size and shoulders giving a good overview of the style. 

Detailed Side View

Perfect view for showing the design details and claw style of the ring. A great view for comparing the differences in each design.

Top View

A complimentary view showing the ring as worn and shown to others. This highlights the size of the ring, claw shapes and sizes. 

Image Pack Specifications:

All images are provided at 2000px Flat Jpg's on White backgrounds.

Layered PSD files are provided with all rings fully cut out, enabling you to create multiple groups shots with ease. 

Image Output:

2000px - 300dpi  x 7 inches print size.  Larger available on request. 

Images provided in 3 Views and 3 Metal Colours

CAD Data

We can work from many file types. Ideally native Rhino Files (3gm), or IGES Files so that we can edit them if needed. Alternatively Dxf, Stp can work.

Stl files are not ideal for rendering. 

If you don't have access to CAD files we can create them for you from either a physical sample or a few pictures of the product. 

Hand Renders

Providing a sense of shape and scale is important for any product to be sold effectively. Our hand and wrist renders provide both a realistic or stylised approach to enhance your product pages and allow customers to make a more informed buying decision.  

Hand Image Specifications:

All images are provided at 2000px Flat Jpg's. Style and hand orientation can be modified for a more bespoke output. 

Layered PSD files can be provided with the hand cut out, ready to drop into any literature or web documents. 

Image Output:

2000px - 300dpi  x 7 inches print size.  Larger available on request. 

Lifestyle Images / Model Shots

Adding shots of your products on a models hand, neckline or ear allows the customer to see exactly what to expect from the product and how they will look wearing it. Arranging photography shoots can be costly and time consuming. An effective option is to purchase stock images from websites such as Shutterstock and superimposing your product renders or images onto the model. These can look very authentic and reduce the cost significantly. We are able to do this just using your own product photographs or 3D renders produced to mimic the exact angle desired for the shot. 

Marketing Images

We offer a full bespoke render service to compliment your marketing strategy. We can produce full collection images, Hero shots for literature and web campaigns or showcase samples for product launches. Your brand does the talking, let your images tell the story.

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Advertising & Marketing Shots
Design Showcase

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Eye catching imagery

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Brand building visuals
Head Turning Campaigns

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Collection & Product Launches

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